New Here

Welcome to White Stone United Methodist Church of the (Fredericksburg United Methodist District) in the (Virginia Annual Conference.). We hope that you will enjoy this virtual tour of our little church located on the Northern Neck of Virginia. Where is that you ask?   Well it’s not edge of America, not quiet anyway, but you can almost see it from here.

We are located just one mile north of the Rappahannock River which empties into the Chesapeake Bay almost 12 miles east of our little town.  We are on the most northern Peninsula in Virginia, thus the name, “The Northern Neck” The Potomac River covers the other side.

You can get here one of three ways;

1.  Travel down Route 3  From Frederiscksburg,
2. Cross the small bridge from Tappahannock on Route 360, or
3. Cross the Norris Bridge coming from Middlesex county into the southern side of Lancaster County Virginia.

(There is a fourth way and that is by boat.)   The town of White Stone sits just 2 miles north of this bridge.  Our church is just one mile further up on the left on route 3 next to the Whispering Pines Hotel.

As you take this virtual  tour of our church, we hope that you will discover something for you.  But more than just a virtual tour of our church, we hope that you will venture out this way to visit with us, worship with us and get to know us as we would love getting to know you.

In Christ,
Rev.  L. Bryan McClain